Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Find the Right Foundation

Hi Guys

Today’s topic is Foundation, and how to pick the right one for you.

I know picking a foundation can be a pain in the butt, so I’m going to share some information that’ll hopefully make it a little easier for you.

First thing lets’s talk skin types, this will help you pick the right type of foundation that’ll work best for you.

Skin Types:
  • Normal: is the easiest to work with, as you can almost put on any type of foundation
  • Dry:  Liquid, Cream foundation, and Oil-based foundation are best for dry skin.
  • Oily: Oil-free, Mattifying liquid or Cream foundation works great, also Powder and Mineral because it won’t add that dewy look to your already oily skin.
  • Combination: can you use foundation made for Oily skin or can you use foundation made with Oil-based if the skin is mostly dry.

Foundation Finishes:
  • Dewy leaves the skin looking moistened and healthy, and works best for dry skin types.
  • Matte:  adds no shine and dryer result, best for oily or combination skin types. But also looks good on others to
  • Natural sometimes called Satin:  gives the skin a “natural” look and it’s a middle man between matte and dewy. that gives the skin a healthy look without looking as if you have makeup on. Good for almost all skin types.

  • Sheer: Gives the least amount of coverage and covers slight unevenness in skin tone, but won’t cover dark marks.
  • Light is a little more pigmented and covers unevenness and some imperfections.
  • Medium: covers freckles, unevenness, discolorations, and light scars.
  • Full:  is high pigmented that can cover hyper-pigmentation, freckles, discolorations, dark spots, scars, and other blemish

 Types of Foundation:
  • Cream: is one of the thicker types of foundation and can be oil-based, water-based, or emollient-based.
  • Powder: also is known as Pressed Powered: can be used dry/wet depending on the formula.
  • Mineral: is mostly found in loose powder form, but can also be found in pressed compacts
  • Liquid: has the most versatile use, as it has a wide color range and can be used by all skin types based on the formula of the foundation. Some are made with water-based or emollient-based.

Some Tips when Trying or Buying your Foundation:
  • Always test foundations on your jaw line and blend it into your skin.
  • Buying a liquid foundation. Wait for it to dry completely before determining if it’s the right shade for you.
  • Walk around and see if it looks good in different lighting, sometimes the right shade looks wrong under dim or too bright lighting.
  • As the season changes, so does your skin tone. Your foundation is darker in the summer/hot months and lighter in the winter/cold months.
  • Always test foundation before buying it again, even if you had it before, making sure it’s still the right shade for you.

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