Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How to Find Your Face Shape in 4 Steps

Hey, Guys!

This week’s beauty post is about how to easily find your face shape. Knowing your face shape is pretty important for a lot of reasons, but to name a few; (1) Knowing where to Contour and Highlight (2) Blush placement (3) Picking the perfect haircut (4) Types of Glasses that look best for you (5) Picking out the right type of Hat (6) What type of Hijab style looks best, etc.

So with that said let’s find out your face shape, in these easy steps

  1. Put your hair up and away from your face
  2. Look straight into your mirror at arm’s length
  3. Then using a dry erase marker, or lipstick, draw around your face. This will make show your shape easily and fast. (also please don’t use permanent marker, as it won’t come off easily or at all)
  4. Now from the face chart below find the one that looks the most like you’re your drawing

Common Face Shapes

  • Oval Face:  The classic “perfect” shape, gently tapered at the top and bottom
  • Long Face: Similar to Oval but with higher cheekbones and high forehead
  • Heart-Shaped Face:  Wide at the cheekbone, narrow jawline
  • Square Face: Face is wide as is long
  • Round Face:  Also wide as is long, rounded
  • Oblong/Rectangle Face: Face is longer than is wide, long and slender
  • Diamond Face: Widest at cheekbones, angular
  • Pear/Triangular Face: Dominant jawline, narrow at temples

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