Saturday, January 21, 2017

How to Stay Focused when Working from Home

Hey, Guys!

So the last two Saturday posts we talk about Things to Include in Your Planner, and then we talked about a Quick Guide to Better Time Management. so now I’m going to share a few things that keep me focused when working at my desk for hours.
  • Having a comfy chair helps
  • Have a foot stool, I tend to sit with one leg under me, but every once in a while I change it up
  • Setting your workspace up in a way that looks pleasing to your eyes. if it looks nice, you won’t mind as much to be there
  • Set a time for each task
  • Brainstorm/Mind dump, get all that clutter out of your head, this makes it easier to Prioritize
  • Keep water nearby
  • Having snacks so you won’t get up to grab one, then find yourself not making it back to your desk
  • Listing to music, with me certain genres get me going for different tasks
  • Get up every 45 minutes to walk and get your blood flowing, and to take a small break
  • Aim to finish early

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