Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Best DIY desk organizing in less then 10 minutes


Today’s post I’m going to share some easy desk organizing DIY’s that will take 10 minutes or less. I use all of these daily, and their super cute and cheap!

Glam Paperweights

What You’ll Need: (1) Clear Stones found at the dollar store (2) Nail Polish

How to: On the Flat side of the stone paint whichever color you want to show up first (more coats equals better color payoff), and once dry paint over it with a black, white, or clear polish. Let dry and you’re done!

Cute Fabric Mousepad

What You’ll Need: (1) Old mousepad, or a piece of cardboard (2) Spray adhesive (3) Fabric

How to: cut the fabric to size, spray the mousepad/cardboard with adhesive, and then place on top and press down and smooth over, let dry for at least 4 hours

Paper Clip Holders

What You’ll Need: (1) Empty Candle Jar (2) Random item of choice that’s smaller than the top of the jar

How to: Clean the jar, then hot glue your item to the top. I used a wooden H I got for .50 cents at AC Moore, I painted it using a nail polish that matched my desk décor. And you’re done!

Paper Organizer

What You’ll Need: (1) Wooden Clothes Pins (2) Markers (3) Paint if you want to get fancy with it

How to: Write each category you need on the pins, and then just clip the papers together using the pins.


What You’ll Need: (1) Grab a flooring/tile sample from your local hardware store (2) a Cup lol

How to: Yeah I’m not even going to go there lol

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