Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Apply Eyeliner and Tips


This week’s beauty post is all about eyeliner, and some of my favorite tips for applying it. I think eyeliner is one of those things that can make or break a makeup look, I don’t know how many times I’ve done a look, then I fudge up my liner, and my whole look goes to the dumps. Anyway onto the post and I hope it helps!

Application for Eyeliner
  1. Tilt chin slightly up facing the mirror, this will make it easier to see your whole eyelid for applying eyeliner, without creating creases
  2. Gently hold your eyelid, to stop it from smudging when applying liner
  3. I almost always start from my inner corner of my lid and moving outward. but you can also start by making some lines across your lid, then connected them, as some people find that easier
  4. The same application can be used for other styles of eyeliner, outline your wing then fill in after.
Eyeliner Tips
  • Always try and stay as close as possible to your lash line, otherwise, it will make your makeup look seem unfished
  • If you’re using a pencil liner that’s freshly sharpened, and you want to soften the look. Roll the tip of it between fingers before application
  • If you’re using liquid liner, try using small feathering strokes along the lash line, one on top of the other connecting them, starting from inner corner, outward
  • After you applied your liner, and you find yourself thinking that the line seems too harsh, or not soft enough, trying using an eyeshadow of the same color and smudge it on top of the liner
  • If you want to make your liner last longer use a small brush that’s the same width of your liner and apply it over your liner (most angled brushes works great)

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