Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to Contour and Highlight for Your Face Shape

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so we’ve covered a lot of beauty how to’s in the last few weeks for our Wednesday Weekly Beauty Posts. I’ll list them below if you’re not caught up yet! I also have a lot more post planned for you guys, so check back often, and if you have anything you want to ask, don’t be shy, ask!  Now on to the post!!!

Contouring is the application of makeup on your face to help define your face shape and makes you appear as if you have a slimmer face, slender cheeks, a straighter nose and more prominent cheekbones, and to help reduce the double chin in some cases.  Contouring is used on areas on the face you want to reduce and become less prominent.

Highlighting is the application of makeup on your face that does the opposite effect of contouring. Highlighting helps to further define your face. Highlighting is used on certain areas of the face you want to be more prominent and pronounced.

The main principle of Contouring and Highlighting is
  • Dark shading will make facial features recedes (Contour)
  • Light shading will make facial features more prominent (Highlight)

Contouring:  use products that are darker than your skin tone. you can use foundation, eyeshadows, bronzer, a powered, or cream or liquid product. Matte or shimmer finish. It’s up to you. Just make sure you blend, blend, and blend some more, so make sure to choose something that blends easily and that gives the face that natural and healthy look. FYI: Contour color should be 1 -2 shades darker than foundation.

Highlighting:  same as contouring applies to highlighting only in lighter shades, Powder highlighters and illuminators are most used, liquid works as well. It gives a nice finish. FYI: Highlight color should be 1 – 2 shades lighter than foundation.

Contouring and Highlighting the Easy way: wherever the sun naturally hits the point of your face highlight, and wherever it naturally shades contour.

Contouring and Highlighting Steps

Cheeks: suck in your cheek just a little and apply a darker shade to hollows (don’t overdo it, start off with a small amount then build as needed), apply light shade (highlight) to the apple of your cheeks when you smile.

Nose: apply darker shade (contour) on each side of the nose in a thin line and blend carefully, Run a line down the center on your nose with a lighter shade (highlight).

Forehead/Temple:  apply darker shades (contour) to both your temples and blend well (Highlight) apply lighter shades to the forehead.

Chin: apply darker shade (contour) down your chin and below your neckline, blend, blend and blend some more and see how your double chin reduces. Apply lighter shade (highlight) to the tip of your chin and blend downward and along your jawline

Highlight and Contouring for Your Face Shape

There are plenty of ways to go about contouring and highlighting your face, but I’ve put two of my favorites for you, one the picture below, and the other step by step. Sadly, I can’t draw to save my life so I can’t put an image up of the step by step one.

  • Oval Face (Contour) – Apples of cheek, and along cheekbones, Temples (even if you won’t need to, as your face is already symmetrical) (Highlight) – Above the cheekbones near the outer corner of the eye, Chin, Forehead.
  • Heart-Shaped Face (Contour) – Temples, Cheeks (Highlight) – Chin, to broaden it, Jawline, underneath the eyes, just above the cheekbones to draw attention to the center of the face.
  • Square Face (Contour) – Temples, Apples of cheeks (to draw attention away from the corners of the square and make appear more oval), Jawline (highlight) - Forehead, Underneath the eyes, the tip of the chin.
  • Round Face (Contour) - Temples, Cheeks (Highlight) - Jawline, Forehead, underneath the eyes and Cheekbones, Center of the chin.
  • Oblong/Rectangle Face (Contour) – across the lower section of the chin to shorten your face length Tip: Apply blush to the apples of your cheek to widen your face.
  • Long Face (Contour) Hairline, Lower Cheeks, Chin (Highlight) – Temples, above the cheekbones.
  • Diamond Face (Contour) – Cheeks to minimize width (Highlight) – Forehead, Underneath eyes, Chin.
  • Pear/Triangular Face (Contour) – Jawline, Cheeks (Highlight) – Forehead, Chin, Underneath eyes.

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