Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How To Apply Mascara and Tips


So, this week’s beauty post is all about Mascara like I promised, basically Mascara 101, but also with me sharing some of my tips on how I like to apply mine. Also, next week’s topic is all about Eyebrows, so stay tuned!

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Why should you wear Mascara?

In a nutshell… It makes almost every look, look complete, giving it a finished look, while also making the eyes look wider, and having an open effected

Picking the Right Color Mascara

Black mascara works wonderfully for just about everyone, but we sometimes forget about the other equally wonderful colors out there like… Brown, Blue, and Purple and the other crazy colors out there.
  • Brown Eyes; Black, Plum, and Violet
  • Green Eyes; Black, Black/Brown, and Violet
  • Blue Eyes; Black, Brown, Turquoise, and Pink
  • Hazel Eyes; Black, Green, and Yellow
  • Gray Eyes; Black, Navy

  • Waterproof holds the curl longer, one coat of waterproof, then apply whichever mascara you like after. 
  • Twist the wand when getting mascara, never pump, as it causes air to enter the tube and harden the mascara faster than it normally would
  • Wipe off the wand, as most of the time to much product stays on the wand, and if you apply it as is, it will cause lashes to stick together, and look clumpy
  • Opps! You got a mascara on your face/lids. Wait until it dries, then rub it off. if you rub it right away it will only smudge more.
  • Hold an index card above your lashes when applying mascara, it’s pretty much smudge proof every time
  • If you only had the mascara for less than 3-6 months, and its already dried up, add 3-5 eyedrops to bring it back to life

How to Apply Mascara?
  1. Start off with Curled lashes, as it always makes for a better outcome
  2. Always make sure lashes are separated before applying product
  3. Start from Root to Tip, Wiggle/Zig Zag to help create more volume and length, while also separating the lashes
  4. Apply 3-5 Coats for the best effect

Removing Mascara

Take a fresh new disposable mascara wand, drop a small amount of eye makeup remover on to wand, and apply it the same way you did your mascara, this way you’ll know you’re getting everything off. (I only use it for 2-3 days then toss it and replace it with a new one)

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