Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to Pick the Right Eyebrow Shape


So, this week’s beauty post is on Eyebrow, it’s the last of the Eyes Series, and then we’re moving on to Lips! and if you’ve missed the last few beauty posts, and want to catch up here they are! FoundationBlush – Contour & Highlight – Finding Your Eye Shape - EyelinerCurling Lashes - Mascara

Having your eyebrows groomed and shaped properly, is pretty much everyone’s goal in life, as it’s such an easy thing to get wrong, and often happens in less than a second, then you must wait until the hairs grow back in only to try again, which is way when most people find someone who knows what they’re doing they become their best friend. And that’s also the reason why it’s always a good idea to go in with a plan or learn to do them yourself.

What’s the best Eyebrow shape for my Face Shape?
Types of Eyebrow Grooming

WaxingPros) Quick, Easy, Most Common Cons) Irritation to sensitive skin, only can have an idea of where the shape is going where if your removing hair by hair you can get a better idea of where you shape will lead

Tweezing/Plucking- Pros) Once practiced it’s the cheapest, Easy, seeing your progress on the shape while still having time to fix anything, do it yourself Cons) High maintenance, have to tweeze more often

Eyebrow Diagram

Threading- Pros) Fast, Easy, Common, Precise Cons) Most painful to some, leaves to skin red for some time most people never more than 20 minutes

How to Fill Brow?
  1. Use an eyebrow Pencil, Powder, and or Gel that best matches your hair. The type is all up to you
  2. Fill in the sparse areas in your brow following along the shape
  3. Blend with an eyebrow brush
  • Over plucking your eyebrows is never a good look, stay with just tweezing away stray hair under your natural arch. For nice clean look
  • Trying sticking to as close to your natural shape as possible if you can, minimal changings often makes the biggest difference’s and it’s easier to keep up
  • When filling in your eyebrows don’t overdo it, and try getting to your natural hair color as you can
  • Try using eyebrow clear gel to keep stray hairs in place, or spray a little bit of hair spray onto a brow brush
  • Never shave off your eyebrow just to fill them back in, like what’s the point, and often it will look fake and not as pleasing to the eye

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