Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to Pump up your Lipstick Game


So we’ve covered a lot of beauty basics in these last few beauty posts, and today topics we’re covering lips, and if missed the few posts here there are…  Foundation Blush – Contour & Highlight – Finding Your Eye Shape - Eyeliner  Curling Lashes - MascaraEyebrows

Picking the Right Shade of Lip Color

“The most flattering lip colors will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color”- MUA Bobbi Brown

Color Chart

 Dark Skin- Deep plums, chocolate, or reds, lean towards browns or purples.

Medium Skin- looks hot in roses, mauves, dark apricot, and berries. Pass the bright reds and go for the goal with deep burgundy instead.

Fair Skin- Look great in lipstick shades such as nudes in a slightly apricot shade, pinks, and light corals. Keep away from browns.

  • Apply Lipliner and fill in liner, then apply Lip color, it’ll last longer
  • You can line your lips before or after lip color
  • Use a liner that matches best to your lips color, for a cleaner smooth look
  • Never test lip color on your lips, it’s just plain unsanitary and unhygienic. Test on your finger tip instead or the back of your hand (keep it clean girls and guys)
  • Bought a lip color you don’t like? or the colors off? Don’t trash it just blend it with another and make something new and fun!
  • Lick your lips before you take a sip from a glass to avoid lip color getting on the glass
  • After applying lip color, take your index finger and pop it into your mouth, then pull it out, the excess lip color will come off on your finger (make sure you wash your hands before and after)
  • Keep in mind that not every color works for everybody
  • Oranges, browns, including corals, look good on few people; also, these colors tend to make teeth appear yellow
  • To downplay yellow teeth, try lip colors with blue-ish undertone. Shades that also works, plums, pinks, wines, and violets
  • End of the tube? there is almost always more inside the bottom of the tube (so don't trash it!), but try using a small clean cosmetic spatula or popsicle stick, and scoop the rest into a small jar to use with a lipstick brush. making sure you get every cent of your money!
  • Apply some tissues over lips then pat on powder to make any lip color matte

Where to Fill in the Lips
How to Apply Lip Color?
  1. For the purest color pigment use a concealer to cancel out your natural lip color
  2. Line, and fill in your lips with a color that best matches your lip color
  3. Apply lip color with a lipstick brush for best results, but use whatever your most comfortable with
  4. Use a Q-tip, and slowly twist around edges for clean up

Removing Lip Color

Olive oil, Cocoanut oil, or any Oil will take off the hardest of lip color, so don’t waste your money on removers

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