Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Cleaning - Beauty

Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is part two of the Spring Cleaning miniseries, and we’re going to share a few tips on Cleaning, and Organizing Beauty, and Hair Products. In a few easy steps.

The Clean Out

Break it down into parts (Skin Care, Makeup, and Hair Products) but follow the same steps for each part.

Trash – Any, and everything that’s expired, no exceptions, safety comes first
Give- Clean and Giveaway anything you’re not going to be using, don’t keep it, it’s just going to take up space. Here’s my post on how to clean Makeup


Take into Mind- that this is going to be different for each person because A. not everyone has the same type of space to work with B. Not everybody’s brain works the same way when organizing, or when their reaching for things. But this is what works best for me, with that said always do what makes sense and that’s easier for you. (There’s no point in doing it my way if it doesn't make work for you)

Skin Care- I like to place all like product with each other, and then line them up by the steps I use them, I find this saves me lots of time when doing my daily routine, and keeping most used items in reach and eyesight

Makeup- Same thing applies for my makeup, I like to organize them how I apply them, primer, foundation etc... and leaving the most used items within reach

Hair- I like to stores hair product in plastic bins, and I use the same steps as I stated above, it just seems to work best for me, and it’s easy to remember where everything is in a clean look way

  • Go thought these beauty items every three months, to make sure you’re not using old products that could become harmful
  • Plastic bins are your new best friend
  • Most of us change up what products we use often, so backups are often left sitting there unless it’s your favorite item
  • Share is caring, give away anything you don’t use to friends and family
  • Having more space is always better, then having more stuff

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