Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Cleaning - Closet

Hello Everyone,

So today’s post is going to be the first post on a miniseries we’ll be covering on Spring Cleaning, and Organizing things parts in your life. We’re going to start off with the Closet (Clothes, Shoes, Bags Jewelry) now since I don’t want this post to be super long I’m just going to get to the point and try to keep it as simple as I can.

The Clean Out

Now, this is probably one of the hardest parts, but in the long run, it’s worth it, and it will make getting dressed a lot easier.

Break it down into parts (Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry) but follow the same steps for each part.

Try it on- you’re going to want to take out each item, and try them on (For Clothing, you want to be wearing a bra that fits right) now while being honest with yourself when looking in the mirror ask yourself theses questions. Does it fit me? Does it look good on me? Does it fit my style/lifestyle? Will I ever even wear it again? Now, this is where the next step comes into play.

Sorting- once you’re tried on all your items, sort them into groups on the floor

·       Special Items, this are items, that you may never wear, but has meaning to you, like an item you’re your grandmother passed down to you, or a jersey that your favorite player signed, and things that holds a place in your heart (I’ll never tell anyone to give or trash things like that).
·       Keep, these are items that fit you how it’s supposed to, that you like and will wear again, and that makes you feel and look your best, and suits your lifestyle.
·       Fix, this are items that you love, but maybe needs a little bit of TLC like, like it has a small rip on your favorite skirt, or you need to re-hem a pair of slacks, or maybe even something as easy as sewing the button back on that blazer you always wear but always forget to fix. I like to put a post-it on the hangers for the reminder and fix it within a two weeks timeframe, and if I haven’t fixed it or worn it within that time, it gets the boot.
·       Give Away, any and everything, that you know that doesn't fit you, look good on you, or it’s just not your style anymore (family and friends are always great options for this, or give it to a charity) Note: never give items that are in poor state, it’s rude.
·       Trash, everything that’s beyond repair.

Note: I’ve found that when I repeated these step every month for a year and only bought items that I loved, I had less, shopped less, and loved every item I had


Take into Mind- that this is going to be different for each person because A. not everyone has the same type of space to work with B. Not everybody’s brain works the same way when organizing, or when their reaching for things. But this is what works best for me, with that said always do what makes sense and that’s easier for you. (There’s no point in doing it my way if it doesn't make work for you)

Clothing- I have a pretty big closet, that holds all my clothes but my shoes, it has a clothing poll, two shelves and rolling three drawer cart from Wal-Mart.

·       Shelves, Only one shelf I actually use for clothing and it holds my folded Pants, Tee’s, and Pj’s, all are group into rows with heaviest to lightest
·       Clothing Poll, I like to group similar items together, then from short to long
·        Rolling Cart, Holds all my Hijabs/Scarf’s, grouped by color family, then stacked by heaviest to lightest

Shoes- I store mine in an under bed plastic container, it’s that easy

Bags- I store smaller bags into bigger ones and hold them in the seat at the end of bed, but you could also hang the filled bigger bags from hooks in your closet

·       Buy slim hangers and try to stick to the same ones, as it looks more pleasing to the eye and works better
·        Start off having all your hangers facing outward, and when your wear it place it back inward. After around 6 months, see which pieces are still facing outward, and you’ll see which items you don’t wear, and I like to do one of these with each item, A. Start to incorporate it into my everyday outfits. B. Give it Away
·        Hang and place scented dryer place in your closet/drawers to help with static and make your closet smell fresh and clean (change as often as needed)
·        Don’t hang coats/jackets on closet polls, hang them on hooks or fold them and place them on shelves (they take up way to make room!)

·         Break up pre-made suits and outfits, so you remember you can wear them with other pieces

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