Saturday, April 29, 2017

How to Monthly Pre-Plan

Hey everyone,

Since the month of May is like a day away, I wanted to share how I plan for each month in my planner. I found doing an overall monthly planning helps me when doing my weekly planning. I’m not saying this is my best way, but it’s the way that’s been working for me for months now, and until another works better I’m sticking to this because it’s easy and straightforward.

My main planner is a personal size, that I tote around with me in my bag pretty much everywhere I go, like no lie, I take it everywhere.

Personal Size Everything Planner
Monthly Pre-Planning
  • I always start off with putting in the dates, since I use undated inserts
  • Then I write in Holidays, Birthdays, Events, and Appointments, and don’t forget to write in Work days! Note-I use my google calendar for putting in dates as I get them, then move them into my paper planner, when I plan for the month
  • Once that’s all done, I put in my weekly chores and routines
  • Then I go to my yearly goals list and make a To Do list that will help me get to my goals, keeping in mind on how busy I’m going to be for that month.
  • I like to pick a color theme for each month to keep it looking pretty, you don’t have to do this, of course, I just found I like it, and it works for me.

Weekly Pre-Planning
  • Once again I write in the dates
  • Then I write in Holidays, Birthdays, Events, Appointments, and Work (this time I put the details in like Time/Place, and if I need to bring/get something done for it)
  • Then I go to my lists section of my planner and take things from there to add to my empty time slots
  • I also color code and do minimal decorations in my planners to keep it somewhat pretty

Blog Planner
Blogging Pre-Planning
  • For blogging I use a month on two pages undated inserts, with little to no decorations, I like to keep my blog calendar very clean, with only some washi tape.
  • I fill in the dates
  • After I fill in all holidays
  • I like to pick my blog topics from the holidays coming, if I celebrate them, which isn’t a lot… but you get the idea. Anyway, after that I pick a theme, like makeup 101 posts, how to month posts, with random ones thrown in between. Note-  of it’s for a holiday I like to post about it a week before the holiday to give people the choice to read and maybe do something with that post
What to know what I keep in my planner, here’s the post! Things to Include in Your Planner

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