Saturday, April 1, 2017

How to Plan Your Day to get Sh!t Done


So, today's topic is on how to plan your day to get things done. I’m going to break down how I like to plan mine and share some of my favorite tips that helped me. Keep in mind that each person has different schedules, work, and goals so adjust it as you see fit. This just works best for me, and I hope this helps or gives you some ideas to better your planning.

I personal use two planners, Life and one for my blog, with page flags, sticky notes, and list pads. But I’m going to break it down so you can do it with only a sheet of paper, pen, and a ruler to break up the page. You can also color code for different things going on in your life, with using colored pens, or highlighters, it’s up to you.

The image below is a mock layout, to give you an idea of what your page should look like, or maybe something to give you the inspiration to create your own layout.

I have one that’s similar but only it’s made in a weekly layout, as I tend to like weekly planning better, but if I’m having a super busy day I move to a daily layout for more detail.

  • Don’t over plan, you only have so much time in a day
  • If you get your top priorities finished on time, but don’t get the rest done, just move them to the next day
  • Never write a super long to do list, as it may seem impossible to get though
  • Leave yourself some free time
  • Always leave travel time when planning, or when something may come up
  • Set goals, and count your blessings

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