Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Shop Like A Pro

“We wear 20% percent of our wardrobe 80% percent of the time”


Since I’ve been cleaning and updating my closet this year, I thought it would be a good time to share some tips on shopping that I found helped me along the way. So, let’s jump right in!

Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

Do Set a Budget- before you even step foot into a store make sure you set a realistic budget so you don’t overspend (Tips; I like using cash, this way I can see the money leaving my hands, and not just swapping away with my card), this will also help you think before buying, and in the long run help you make better choices

Do Have on the right Underclothes- having on the right panties and bra that Fit will help you see how the clothes will look and lay on your body, so nothing is too tight or loose.

Don’t Dress like you’re at a fashion show- Comfort is key, when shopping you want to be comfy, and have on clothes that are easy to take off and on for trying on clothes.

Do have a game plan- now you don't always have to have one, but if you’re shopping for an event, job, or for school, you might want to have one.  some easy things to keep in mind when setting up a game plan are: 
  • Write down shops you know that carry the style you’re looking for
  • Set a Budget
  • Knowing what the weather is going to be like
  • Are the events taking place during the day or night? is it outside or inside?

Do know your wardrobe- I don’t know how many times I've called my younger sister, and asked her to check my closet to see if I already owned something.

I’m the type of person who always goes for the same type of pieces.  So, after having her tell me I should just have a digital closet for the millionth time… I finally did it and let me tell you; it makes shopping that much easier to have your closet with you everywhere you go. (there are lots of apps out there, find one you like)

Do Elimination- when shopping I find eliminating is best if you don’t wear short shorts, hoodies or whatever it is you don’t wear or like, then don’t waste your time and energy browsing their racks.

Also, eliminate any and everything that doesn't fit or flatter your body type, what’s the point of buying and owning sometime that makes you look bad?

Do use Coupons and Offers-  there’s an app for that! Now a day’s most stores have apps, where you can use their coupons/offers from your phone if not just go to their website and print or screen shot them. Who doesn't love saving money!

Don’t Social Shop- We as humans like to do things in groups with friends, and that’s all good and fun. But sometimes it has its downside, and shopping is one of them. Why? Most women I know buy unneeded things more often when they’re with friends, then when by themselves. I don’t know why it’s just one of the many mysteries of women lol

Do use the Dressing Rooms- always try on pieces you might buy before actually buying them, sometimes we pick up pieces that we like on the rack, but once on us, we find out we hate it, or think it’s going to fit, then it doesn't, so just use the dressing rooms that’s what their there for.

Also, they have mirrors, this comes in handy if you need a second opinion, because the camera doesn't lie, once you have the clothes on strike and pose and snap a few photos of yourself so you can see how it looks from a different view, or send to a trusted friend if you're shopping alone.

Do Hit up the Sales Racksa lot of stores put items on the sales racks after 4-6 weeks after putting them on the floor, but also remember, just because it’s on sale doesn't mean you should buy it!

Also, I find myself buying some items out of season, so I have them ready to rock for the next year and pay little to nothing for them, like coats, boots, sandals… but buy things you know you’re still going to still like in a year.

Don’t feel pressuredby sales associates or friends to buy something, if you don’t like it or don’t have the money for it, remember it's only clothing, not life or death, and a lot of stores get things again so no worries.

Do be clear on Return Policy’s- always ask the salesperson on returns if you’re not sure, this way if you don't like an item or if it fits kind of funny you can return or exchange it for the one you want or get your money back.

Do Check Washing Details- if you're anything like me, and don’t like having clothes that need dry cleaning, check it before buying it, trust me it’s worth the five seconds it will take you, then to have clothes going bonkers on you.

The item you just bought, is now on sale!  No worries, most stores will credit you back the difference if you still have your receipt and the date allows it, and if not, just bring it back and buy it again lol