Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Garden Plans for 2017 and Tips


So, today’s post is on gardening, and I’m going to share with you, my 2017 rough plan for it. these last few weeks I’ve been super busy with other things and traveling, and not to mention the weather here has been so crazy!  but I’ve gotten around to plan my layout for this year’s garden and wanted to share it.

Note: I like to start my own seeds in my 4-shelf greenhouse with grow lights and use starter plants depending on how I feel, and what stays alive, also I found keeping a gardening journal with details about each plant, with time stamps helped a lot to let me know where I went wrong. please keep in mind I’m still learning and it’s only my 4th year gardening since I started back up after my grandmother passed who I used to garden with. I’m always looking to learn new things, so feel free to comment and chat with me about it!

This Year’s Layout, Each Box is 1 square foot, as I’m doing the square foot method this year

This easy to use chart helped me a lot last year

I loved this chart also

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