Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Are Pigments and How To Use Them

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Today’s beauty post is on pigments, and the many ways you can use it. Pigments can be used for Makeup, Nails, Body, and Hair, and the great thing about it is that It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use them for each, and it will most likely change your beauty routine for the better.
Note: Always keep in mind, that not all pigments are safe around or on the eyes, lips, so please always check the label for safety measures before use.

What is Pigment?

to get straight to the point, Pigments are a pretty much pure color, it’s a fine loose powder, and is the main ingredient in eyeshadows and a lot of other beauty products. Most pigments are very intense in colors, and you’ll only need a little, as it spreads nicely

Ways to Use Pigments?
  • Eyeshadow: a little goes a long way when using pigments for eyeshadow, Dry; Apply a base/primer when using dry as it will help keep the color better and longer, I like using a packing brush for this. Wet; using a pigment wet, is called foiling, it’s when you use a small amount of pigment with a wet element like Water, Eyedrops, Mixing medium, or Fix+. This technique will intensify the pigment, and give it a nice bright look, using a flat brush is best for this.
  • Eyeliner: using pigments for eyeliner is fast and easy, all you need do is wet an eyeliner brush with once again a wet element like above, and apply like normal.
  • Blush: Use a powder brush and tap off extra and apply lightly and build as needed.
  • Highlighter: Use just like a regular highlighter, but always remember to start off light and build as needed.
  • Lip Gloss: easy, mix with a clear, or white base gloss/lip product and mix together on a palette, and use.
  • Face and Body: just mix a small amount with a lotion, and use like a shimmer, I like to add bronze and golden pigments to give warmth to my skin.
  • Hair Shimmer:  there are a few different ways to go about this, but I’ll share my top two, (1) Mix with wax to add some fun to your hair (2) Place some into your hair, then use hairspray to lock in and smooth over with your hand.
  • Nail Polish: mix with a clear or white polish until you have you wanted color, you can also add glitter if you want, play around with it and have fun, shake/mix/roll, and apply like normal polish, just remember to all shake/mix/roll before each use

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