Saturday, July 15, 2017

How To Plan Any Event

Hey, Guys, these last few weeks have been super busy, but since it slowed down I’ll be back to my blogging schedule!

So, today's post is how I plan events, now I’m by no means an “event planner”, but I have planned more than a few different types of events over the years, and I’ll like to share how I breakdown event planning in five steps/categories to make planning an event easier.

Knowing what type of event, you’re planning for

Knowing what type of event, you must plan for is the most important as it will set the tone for everything else you need to do later, and cut out the extra nonsense you don’t need. So, no matter the event you’re planning for, ask yourself these questions.
  • What kind of event are you planning for? A birthday, graduation, tea party, or a wedding…
  • Is it formal, or casual? Do you want people to dress up, or do you prefer the more relaxed feel?
  • What’s your budget? Setting and sticking to your budget is one of the main things to event planning, so always set an amount for each category like; Décor, Food, or if you're renting a hall, try to keep track of all your spending’s no matter how small or big.
  • Activities? if you plan on having some form of games, always do a test run at home, to make sure you’ll have everything right for the day of
Guest List, and how many are on it

Now once you’ve gotten your guest list together and counted, you’re going to want to go over it again and cut out anyone you don’t need there. Let’s keep it real, each person coming is going to cost you money, so if you don’t care for them why pay for them, you wouldn’t pay for their dinner any other time would you? Didn’t think so lol

Knowing the number of people, you’ve invited, will help you know what size place you need, how much food you’ll need, and how you want to make the best use of the space you’re working with, like setting up seating, décor, if you want buffet style food or served food etc.…

Also, invite your guest at least two weeks before, and a month before if their traveling, so that they can save the date, and plan if needed.

Time and Place

Picking a time is also very imported as different times of the days gives different vibes to any event, like you wouldn’t plan a candle light event in the middle of the day…

Picking the right place is always a little tricky, but once you know what your ideal event should look and feel, you can go from there. Graduations, BBQ’s, Birthdays’, Tea Parties, and some Weddings can easily be hosted in Backyards, Parks, and open Outdoor spaces, of course, you’re going to want to use some form of covering/tent as outdoor events can go from good too bad with the change of the weather, so being prepared is best. More formal event styles are better indoors, and you don’t have to worry too much about the weather, and it will take away the whole weather problem.

Also, knowing the place will help you figure out how you want the room to flow, and where to place everything, and if you’re going to need to bring anything to the place beforehand, like tables, chairs etc. knowing your space is always best beforehand. You wouldn’t want to show up only to realize the place isn’t big enough, or you now have to bring a lot of last minute things there, that you thought the place already had.

Theme and Décor

Now, this is where the fun comes in, picking a theme is pretty much my favorite part, even more so than the event itself. There’s plenty of ways to go about decorating for an event, and I’m not even going to try and cover that, as it’s endless really. but I’ll give a few tips I’ve learned.
  • Keep your color scheme on hand, to help match them when shopping
  • It’s never too early to start shopping, never wait last minute
  • Use coupons, and keep receipts
  • Give yourself time to plan
  • Sometimes less is more
  • Know store hours, in case you need to pick up ordered items the day of like, cake, balloons etc.
  • The invites should set the tone of the event
  • Keep Lists; To Do, Shopping, Budget etc.
  • Have backups items on hand, like table cloths, center pieces etc.
  • Gift Favors are always a win

Oh, okay I lied, the menu is the most important part of any event. for almost any menu you want to have at least these things I’ll be listing below,
  • A Main Meat or Fish Dish
  • Then you’ll want something to go with it like maybe Rice or some type of grain like that
  • Something Green, like a Salad
  • A bread
  • Drinks
  • Sweets
  • And of course, some type of fruit
Okay, I hope I kept it short and to the point, and give some helpful tips!

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