Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Makeup Tour 7.2017

Today’s post is more of a picture album really because I’m going to share how I store, organize, and keep my personal makeup. But hopefully, sometime in the near, I’ll share how I keep my makeup packed for jobs!

So just a few reasons why I downed sized. I used to have a huge vanity/desk setup, but it was really getting out of hand, and I wanted to down size, so one night I did just that, and got rid of plenty of makeup, and give my lightly used unwanted makeup to family, and friends, but only after I cleaned them of course.

I found with having less makeup I now tend to use all my makeup more, which is good because I was just holding on to things I didn’t need, that was taking up space, and it’s really no point in keeping something if it’s just going to sit there gathering dust.

My Old Makeup Setup

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