Saturday, September 9, 2017

Betta Fish Supplies List (Shopping List)

I’ve recently purchased a Betta Fish, and since it’s been years since I’ve last had a fish I had to start over, and buy everything again, as I got rid of all my old supplies years ago, which is ok with me, as there’re plenty of new cool looking tanks.

Anyway… one of the main reasons why I wanted to post about this, is because when I was picking out my Betta after setting up and cycling my tank for weeks, I overheard a person talking about how they were going to get a Betta for their mother, and saying how easy it was to take care of them, and how they can be housed in a small bowl, that doesn’t need a filter, heater etc., and only needed to change the water when it became clouded.

Now I wasn’t overly surprised by this, as I know a lot of people think this is true, but… it’s not. I think the problem is people sometimes forget that Bettas are living breathing creatures, and like many of living things, we like space; to hide, to sleep, to play, and to roam, and that also applies to Bettas.

Fili (Male Crown Tail)

Tank- A 3.5 Gallon or larger tank is best, always make sure you have a lid for your tank, as Bettas are jumpers. Also, always cycle your tank before placing your Betta in.

PH- Should be around 7
Temperature- 78-82ºF/24-27ºC
Ammonia – 0
Nitrite- 0

Filter-  Betta’s are weak swimmers so if the current is to strong place a sponge in/around it to slow it down

Heater- Betta’s like water temperatures between 78-82ºF/24-27ºC as their tropical fish and need warm water for a healthy, happy, and long life

Water Conditioner- is the best way to go, instead of buying Betta water, it turns tap water safe for your Betta.

Lighting- Natural light is best, but don’t place your tank in direct sunlight, using lights can help create a day to night cycles for your Betta, so it knows when to wake, and when to sleep.

Thermometer- to make sure your tank is at the right temperature for your Betta, check often.

Aquarium Salt-  helps keep health improvement of certain fish. With benefits like; ease of stress, reducing osmotic pressure, inhibition of nitrate uptake, promoting slime coat and helping in healing wounds.

Food- Floating Betta Pellets are one of my favorites, as its east for my betta to get to, and easy to clean with a net if he doesn’t eat it (that rarely happens), always keeps in mind that a betta's stomach is only about the size of their eye. 3-4 pellets a day is enough for them. You don’t want to over feed as it can cause major problems for your betta.
Treats- are optional, but I like to give my Betta one randomly, or when it’s tank cleaning time.

Gravel, Stones, or Sand- Can affect water chemistry, filtration, and the well-being of the tanks inhabitants

Plants- Alive, or Silk Plants are best, A Marimo Ball is one of the easiest plants to keep, plants also create a place for your Betta to hide when it feels unsafe or doesn’t want to be bothered, or even to sleep on.

Hiding Hut- are a great way to create a safe place for your Betta to hide when it feels it needs to

Betta Leaf Bed- is totally optional, but Bettas love them for lounging and sleeping

Fishnet- Is great for taking out uneaten food, and for taking out your Betta for water changes

Note: Avoid jagged rocks or decorations, as it can easily tear your Betta’s Fins, that can lead to even bigger sickness and even death of your Betta

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