Saturday, October 14, 2017

Desk Tour 10.2017

Hey everyone,

Today’s post is all about my desk area, and how I have it setup, one of my mine goals with this setup was to keep it simple, but with keeping it to my style.

The desk is built against the wall since I live on the top floor, I have some craves to work around, and that space was pretty much un-useable for anything else, so I asked my brother to build it to what I wanted.

The desk is 5x2, and I wood-stained it with dark walnut and painted the supports beams the same color as my walls to blend in better. Then spray painted the décor pieces copper to match the metal hardware in my room, and added some light touches with plants potted in white pots, and made a DIY marble mouse pad to flow with the pots.

All together to build and stain the desk, was less than $30, with plenty of wood left to build 3 shelves, and to do some other projects. 

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