Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Five Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup

Hey, everyone

So, today’s post is a question we ladies who wear makeup get asked more often than you would think.

“Why do you wear makeup?” And then the next question that follows, “Do you leave the house without it?”

Now after talking, and asking a lot of women theses questions for this blog post, these are my top five reasons why women wear makeup!

For Oneself

This one I found a lot of women answered first with a “duh face”, and then followed up with a few other reasons why most with one of the four reasons below

For Society

This answer came up pretty early in the conversions, as more often than not, the crazy standard that we, both men and women in society puts on women to look a certain way.

In my option no matter what country, background, race, etc.  you’re from there’s always going to be some “standard” for how women should be

Take, for example, you wouldn’t wear party style makeup to head into work at a hospital, or going to work as a teacher, there are “standards” and even though people want to act like there isn’t, people judge. if you look, dress, and act differently than what society excepts, more than likely people are going to look at you weird, you may even get asked to change your look/dress.

I once did a “project” by going to the same store, around the same time, and asked the same question to a worker “where can I find ___ item?”

The only thing different was the way I looked each time, once with No Makeup, once with “the Natural look”, and once with a more dramatic party style look.

Depending on how I looked I got treated deferent, it’s funny and kind of sad how people treat you based on how you look, but for me, it wasn’t an eye opener as I already knew how some people could be.

The best advice I can give doesn't treat people based on how they look, because even sometimes we don’t realize we’re doing it.

For Men

For many reasons; we women often apply makeup to attract the opposite sex, by covering our so-called “flaws” with foundations, and concealers, brighten our eyes, making them appear wider, filling and painting our lips to make them more “desirable”, plucking those “unruly” eyebrows, and that’s just to name a few things that we do, to “perfected” ourselves, for the opposite sex.

I’ve often heard a lot of women, wishing they applied their “face” when a good-looking guy is around

Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you that looks don't count (because then I'll be lying, because as unfair as it is, people judge from looks first, before getting to know you) but we often forget that having a great personality, a good kind loving heart counts more than looks, and that’s something that never fades with age. Your good looks may attract his attention, but it’s your personality and heart that will keep it longer than your looks

on another note, most guys talked to, don’t even like makeup (most of the time, they like the look of natural makeup, but they don't even know it lol), and don't let me tell you how much they hate glitter.

For Women

This one I find the most interesting, sometimes funny, and kind of sad.

Humans, in general, are very completive creatures, and the woman I find even more so with other women.

Most of us women think that we have to be the most beautiful, skinny, rich, most liked, and having the best man in the room, for some reason. Even though we all know better, and understand that happiness doesn't come from all these things, we sometime find ourselves competing with other women for them, and a lot of the time when we do find ourselves at the top of whichever ladder you're trying to climb, we often look “down” upon others. As if having these things makes us a better person. Sadly, I see this lot among women and men alike.

For Art and Fun

Sometime during the early years of our childhood where we used to paint your face to turn ourselves into butterflies, flowers, and animals (face painting). Was when we found we apply makeup for the fun or art of it; most often than not it’s a form of self-expression; and the love of simply putting on makeup for no reason at all, but really do we need a reason to?

Or maybe we want to change who we are for the night, maybe we are attaining a themed party/event, and what’s more fun than; changing oneself into something new and different for the night, like a fairy, or a Disney princess or villain lol

Because as we all know makeup is a form of art.

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