Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How to Color Correct Makeup

Hey Y’all,

So this week I wanted to go back to the beauty basics, so with that said I’ll be coving the topic of Color Correcting for makeup application. And of course, as always I’ll be keeping it light and easy as possible to understand.

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What is Coloring Correcting

To put it simply, it’s a technique that uses opposite’s colors on the color wheel to cancel each other out, which helps  to conceal unwanted blemishes

What Colors do I Need

Color Correctors comes in Powders & Creams Formula

Green - Cancels out Redness (Pimples, Rosacea, & Acne)

Yellow - Cancels out Purple (Under Eye Circles, Bruises, & Veins)

Purple - Cancels out Yellow (Brightening Skin, Removes Yellow Sickly Undertones)

Orange – (Best for Darker skin tones) Cancels out Blue (Under Eyes Circles, Evens Undertones)

Peach - (Best for Medium skin tones) Cancels out Blue (Under Eyes Circles, Evens Undertones)

Pink – (best for Lighter skin tones) Cancels out Blue, Green, & Purple (Under Eyes Circles, Evens Undertones)

Make Up For Ever Flash Palette & Style Essentials Correct Palette
How to Apply It
  1. Apply to face before any face makeup and after skin prep
  2. Followed with your normal Concealer,  Foundation, and then set with Powder

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