Saturday, March 3, 2018

Gardening Plans 2018


So, it’s that time of year again, where I plan and plot (pun intended) my garden layout. this year I’m keeping it simple, with only growing veggies and herbs my family eats often and taking out veggies that we only eat sometimes thought out the year.

Since I take notes in my garden journal, which keeps weekly details on the garden, it took me around maybe half an hour to plan out this year’s layout, but I still wanted to show an “image” of it. so, you’ll get the idea.

Also for those wondering, I use both starter plants, and grow from seeds (I use a 4-shelf greenhouse, with grow lights) within my garden, and use only natural products to help them grow.

I’m always looking for more information on gardening, as I’m still new to this, so if you have any tips to share please do, as I’ll love to read them!

Note: Each Square is 1 Foot x 1 Foot

This is how my little garden looks, freshly turned.

My Mini Garden Tour!

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