Saturday, April 14, 2018

Earth Day Ideas '18


Since Earth Day is around the corner, I wanted to share some ideas, projects, and eco-friendly things you can do to celebrate it!
  • Start the day off, with making your own trail mix that includes things like (sunflowers seeds, peanuts, raisins, almonds, chocolate chips, and marshmallows) that’s a project everyone will most likely enjoy.
  • Most cities already have events planned for earth day, like cleanups, planting flowers and walks, so check your city sites for events in your area.
  • If you’re not into group events, have your own little cleanup… grab a plastic bag, a pair of gloves and take a walk around your neighborhood and clean as you go.
  • Plants flowers!  Who doesn't love pretty things? Or go the extra mile and plants fresh vegetables, trust me you’ll thank me later
  • Clean out your closet, and give away anything you don’t like, fit or wear anymore, to someone who needs it. (keep in mind, only give away items that are in good condition, and wash before giving away)
  • If you’re not already recycling, now is as a good time as any to start.
  • Watch a movie that teaches the little ones about keeping our earth clean, The Lorax was a great movie.
  • Take a hike, like really take a moment out of your week, and go for a hike, take awesome nature picture while you’re at it!
I like to remember these R Words Reuse- Recycle - Restore - Replenish – Reduce. and earth day is every day of the year!

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